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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Ze Monsta

Spooky Expressive Art Activity #1: Meet Ze Monsta: Go to a quiet, dim place where you will not be disturbed. Begin to breathe deeply, with each inhale and exhale growing longer and slower. Imagine yourself in a safe, joyful environment where you feel empowered. Then, imagine that someone walks into the room. Look closely at them, noticing each and every flaw. Every grotesque nook and cranny, and then try to see what is interesting or intriguing about those grotesque qualities. Beyond intrigue, see what about those qualities you could actually love. Now, it's time to say goodbye to your visitor. Come back to reality, and blacken an entire poster-size sheet of paper with charcoal. (vine-charcoal works best). Now use the end of an eraser to draw your grotesque visitor, using the eraser to pull light and highlight from the shadow of the matter. Keep a journal handy, in case you feel inspired or insightful!


  1. @Elizabeth, thanks so much! This is a variation of a half-day workshop that I do involving shamanic jouneying, guided imagery meditation, art, creative movement, and journaling.